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Camino Law is a women-owned law firm based in Greensboro, North Carolina and serves the surrounding areas. We are moms, daughters, sisters, aunts and friends of children, whether related to them by blood or not. We handle family law, criminal, and immigration cases, with an emphasis on protecting and advocating for children.

We are not your typical law firm. We get it, lawyers get a bad reputation and maybe you've always disliked lawyers. Well, we are on a mission to change the narrative, and here's how:

First, we looked at the most common complaints people had about working with a lawyer and here's what we found: Lack of access (“She never calls me back,”) and no transparency around money (“What did I spend my retainer on?”). So, our phones are answered 24/7, and we have a secure messaging portal for clients to communicate directly with us. Additionally, we have a detailed guide on how to understand your itemized invoices.

Second, we have years of customer service experience among us. A few of our team members' prior jobs: retail salesperson, swim instructor, bartender, waitress, ice cream server, coat-check person, shoe store manager, office temp, and cashier. We have borne the brunt of angry customers who want food sent back or demand to speak to the manager. Before we are lawyers, we are humans, and we understand that life can be just absolutely awful sometimes. The empathy and resilience we gained in our past experiences now bleeds into our passion and dedication to our clients.

A Chosen Path

Both Abigail and Melissa went to law school several years after their undergraduate educations. Not only did they select this rocky, difficult and expensive path to a law degree and law licensure in the face of long odds and strange looks from loved ones, but they did it as a result of seeing things they wanted to change:

Abigail had a career as a journalist and photographer, then in 2013 felt a strong pull to help the migrant mothers who were surging across the U.S. border. She had two kids in elementary school at the time, and everyone told her it was a terrible idea, but she applied to and got into law school anyway.

Melissa, with a degree in Anthropology and Sociology had plans to go into academia. That was until she saw TV news footage of crowded airports after then President Trump issued a ban on Muslims coming into the U.S. There were lawyers sitting cross-legged on the floor of airports helping people, and Melissa signed up for the LSAT the next day.

We're confident that our doggedness and determination are exactly the qualities that you want in your lawyer, and we have fought hard to get here. We are smart, bad-ass women who are also officers of the court.

Finally, we are an inclusive law firm and welcome you to our office as you are anytime between 10-5, Monday-Thursday. Come inside and say hi to our team before you come to visit our Little Free Library, which we try to stock with interesting reads. We can't wait to meet you!

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At Camino Law, we focus on Family Law and Criminal Defense, and Family-based Immigration and we are here to listen to you and help you navigate the legal system.

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