Milo Jenkins


Emotional Support Supervisor

Milo joined Camino Law in October 2022 after being rescued by Attorney Melissa Buck on a road near her house. Attorney Buck reports that his fur was matted and dirty and he had not been fed, but his manners and personality were those of a well-educated and loved boi.

Melissa searched extensively for his family, but without a microchip or collar, he told us he was happy to stay with us. Attorney Seymour invited Milo to live with her and her two other rescue dogs, where he has been ever since.

Presumed to be a pedigreed mix of Maltese and a poodle, Milo's DNA test revealed that he is in fact a combination of Chinese crested, poodle, chihuahua, dachshund, and rat terrier. 

Milo has an affinity for cheese sticks and anything wrapped in crinkly plastic, and will bark at visitors until he hears them say hello in a baby voice, which most visitors are unable to prevent due to his immense cuteness. In his free time he likes belly rubs and sleeping on his fluffy donut.

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